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Cambodian Pictures


Photographs taken in Cambodia from 1995 to 2000 by Rich Garella, except where credited to someone else. Photos with a colored border are linked to full-sized images. Click on them for a larger view.

Sophie's collage

AT THE HEART - A photocollage made in 1997, but not by me.

FCCC Mardi Gras 2000

MARDI GRAS (February 2000) - Arjan Jansonius, John Lodge Patch and Ian Taylor of Ko Knie. Click the following for more pictures from the same evening (now I discover the curse of the digital camera):
Starting from Joe's going-away party on the FCCC roof, Bun-Ang and Mark colloquize, but Sam-an is beyond words. Hak considers the future of Cambodia, while George holds forth and Ann makes love to the camera. Sinith ends up on the other end of the lens, Jeff has had enough already, and Paul and Lina make cute together. Downstairs, we see the Dutchman with the tool of his trade and Gregoire of the Soir. Beth takes on the masked man, who seeks respite with the Dutchman. Alejandra and Eric are just getting going, and Ian and Arjan heat up the stage while Caroline fixes Joe's face before his final Hey, Joe. John's looking good, but it would take more than beer goggles to deal with this. Alejandra, Eric and some guy get ready for the Magic Circus. A motodop lurks outside the Heart, but most everybody has gone elsewhere, some farther than others. That's what I mean about the curse of the digital camera.

on the Vespas

RIDING IN STYLE (April 1998) - Michael Wills and Chris Decherd take a lunch break from work at The Cambodia Daily. 1960s vintage Vespa scooters are popular with younger expats and older Cambodians, but scorned by young Cambodians, who prefer new Hondas and Suzukis. In the background is Chiang Mai Restaurant in its old location on Sothearos Boulevard.

the Dutchman

ON THE PROWL (March 1998) - Legendary shutterbug David van der Veen, aka The Dutchman, hunting for shots he can send to Agence France-Presse. The next day he was on the ill-fated helicopter trip to Preah Vihear temple on the Thai border. Touching down near the the ancient temple, just days after the government reclaimed it from the Khmer Rouge, the helicopter toppled over in a minefield, detonating one with its tail. The most serious injury was a broken collarbone suffered by a British Embassy official.

LC and Sinith

NEW GENERATION (March 1998) - Heng Sinith and Lor Chandara, two of the best young Cambodian journalists. Sinith was the photographer for the Cambodia Today and LC was one of the first reporters at The Cambodia Daily when it started in 1993. Behind them is the National Assembly building. Just visible at the left are Jonathan Prentice, then of the lengthily named Office of the Personal Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Laura Ngo, then of Indochine Productions and Seth Mydans of the New York Times.

Kompong Chhnang kids

FITTING RIGHT IN (January 1996) - There's me among these typically frolicsome youngsters onthe grounds of a temple in Kompong Chhnang.

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