Opinion columns

Make Aid to Cambodia Conditional on Genuine Reform

Written for and with Sam Rainsy, Cambodian opposition party leader

February 25, 1999, in the International Herald Tribune

Postpone Cambodia's Elections

Written for and with Sam Rainsy

June 22, 1998, in the Wall Street Journal, Asian edition

Index Listed Deeper Problem (sexism in the workplace).

March 14, 1997, in The Cambodia Daily

(More opinion columns from the Daily are on my Cambodia stories page.)

Don't Cut the Corporate Income Tax

Written for the Philadelphia Unemployment Project

June 11, 1994, in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Why You Shouldn't Believe Everything You Read

(alleged Nicaraguan arms shipments to Salvadoran rebels)

January 15, 1990, in the Philadelphia Daily News

Published letters

Cambodian Stability (Asiaweek, October 8, 1999)
Traveling in Cambodia (Salon magazine, June 17, 1999)
Newfound Rights Amounted to Little (Bangkok Post, May 4, 1999)
Penn and West Philadelphia (Philadelphia Weekly, January 1998)
Not So Mad About the Mint (Philadelphia CityPaper, October 14, 1994)

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